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The Concrete Rose Dance Academy, LLC 2022-23 Season Policies & Procedures

Enrollment into the 2022-2023 dance year at The Concrete Rose Dance Academy (TCRDA) is for a full 38 weeks, from September to June. We will not guarantee enrollment into our dance program to students who wish to enroll part way through the semester. Admittance to a class will be at the discretion of The Concrete Rose Dance Academy staff and instructors.  Class spots are limited.


ALL TUITION & FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE OR NON-TRANSFERABLE! Tuition is due the 1st of every month and will be auto drafted on the 7th of every month. A $25 late fee is added after the 10th of every month. If balance is not reconciled by 10th, the dancer will not be allowed to participate in class. All balances MUST be paid prior to performing.


ALL Tuition and fees are non-transferable and nonrefundable unless withdrawal is due to prolonged illness or injury verified by a doctor’s certificate. Tuition refunds will only be made for that month and not any previous months. No tuition deduction or allowance shall be made by reason of the absence, withdrawal, suspension, or dismissal of the student.  


Tuition and fees are not prorated; regardless of how many days you attend classes in a month. Whether you come 31 days out of the month or 11 days out of the month, the tuition rate will remain the same unless otherwise decide by the director of The Concrete Rose Dance Academy. 



Attendance and Punctuality are very important in establishing unity, injury prevention and accountability. Regular attendance is expected. TCRDA students are expected to arrive on time. Please have open communication with the studio about any absences that are needed in a timely manner. We understand things come up and will work with you. Dancers are allowed up to 3 excused absences per semester. If a dancer is more than 15 minutes late to class, they may be asked to sit out of class due to risk of injury if not warmed up properly. Dancers who exceed 3 absences or 4 tardies may be taken out of missed choreography.  Inconsistent attendance can affect student’s advancement and possibly remove their opportunity of performing with the class. If a student must miss a class, please notify the front office by phone 252-260-0028. As previously stated, if a student is absent, the tuition rate does not change. Additionally, it is the policy of TCRDA not to return tuition payments for lessons not fulfilled. Students must be picked up promptly after class.



Each student has enrolled for an entire year, (approx. 34 weeks. One month notice from the first of the month is required to discontinue any class. To withdrawal, you must inform the office and fill out a withdrawal form provided by the office. We DO NOT refund the last months payment. A free trial class is offered for all students.



Hair should be worn neatly off the face and fastened securely. This not only allows complete unrestricted movement, but also enables the teacher to see the total line of the body. TCRDA students are expected to wear black leotards or dance dresses, dance tights, and mocha ballet shoes for all ballet and creative movement classes. Jazz pants, biketards, and biker shorts are appropriate for Tap, Jazz, Kicks Turns & Leaps, Combo, Twirling, Comp team and Hip Hop classes. Each teacher may have additional specifications for clothing. See class attire in welcome packet. Please no loose jewelry or chewing gum. Beaded hairstyles must be tied back and covered with a scarf or bonnet while in class. 



Class placement is based on technical merit. Age is used as a guide. Class placement is determined by the instructor for all levels. New students 8 years old and older should talk to the office staff or instructor prior to signing up for a class.



TCRDA typically follows the KIPP & Halifax County School district calendar as far as holidays, but we do not always close every time KIPPor Halifax County Schools have closed. Please call the studio or check band, our website and/or our Facebook page prior to coming to the studio if you are unsure if we are open.



Students and parents hereby release and hold harmless the teachers and staff of The Concrete Rose Dance Academy, LLC from any and all liability resulting from any injury or damage sustained by students and/or parents. TCRDA is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.



TCRDA has my permission to use my child’s photographic image and or videos on its website, advertising or other business appropriate means. Photos and videos taken by TCRDA are the property of TCRDA.

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