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Owner/Artistic Director

“You can bloom anything with time, attention, intention, and PASSION.”

Courteney Johnson is the founder and owner of The Concrete Rose Dance Academy. Courteney is a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. While an undergraduate student, Courteney served 3 years as the head captain of the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University Blue and Gold Marching Machine’s auxiliary team, Golden Delight, and founded the Cool Mist Dance Troupe of North Carolina A&T State University. She went on to coach Cool Mist for a little over 4 years before passing the title down to one of her former teammates.

Courteney Johnson has well over 16 years of dance experience ranging from ballet, jazz, and hip-hop. Courteney has danced in high profile/televised football classics, taught a clinic for the Brooklyn Steppers, and also coached a team that has performed for NBA halftimes, the Michael Jordan Brand classic, and a host of other various exhibitions.




Corrie is a Roanoke Rapids Native and the Ballet instructor at The Concrete Rose Dance Academy. He graduated from Northwest Halifax High in 2008 and attended North Carolina A&T State University, where he majored in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Dance. Mr. Freeman has been dancing since he can remember but in middle school he danced for all of the school pep rallies, and at all of the home church functions. In high school he joined the marching band and danced his way to NC A&T, studying Ballet, African contemporary, Traditional African, & Theatre. His favorite quote is from Dr. Seuss, "Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out." He applies that to dance and his everyday life.




Jadon is the majorette instructor at The Concrete Rose Dance Academy. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old and twirling baton since she was 5 years old. She attended North Carolina A&T State University and became apart of the Golden Delight auxiliary in 2014. She then went on the graduate from the University of Kansas in December 2016 with a Bachelors in Science for Computer Software Systems. Ms. Heath has won various state titles and championships for baton twirling and dance including, Miss Majorette of Kansas (5 times), Miss West Regional Champion (4 times), Grand National Champion 2010, Senior Miss Majorette of America 2014, World 2-Baton Women's Junior Championship 2012 , and Miss North Carolina Solo Champion (Open 2015.

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